would you like to go on a picnic with me?


I love how possibility's there for the taking if only you open yourself up to it. 

On Saturday, I suddenly wanted to go on an art picnic. I've been having great fun setting up on the floor in my apartment, where I can sit in the sunlight (my studio & bedroom don't get much direct natural light), and wanted to simply go outside. So when Becca texted me that night, I took the oppertunity to see if she'd be up for it. 

And she was! 

We gathered our supplies, a few puppies, a pizza, & headed out to the park, where we spread out on the same yellow checkered blanket I've used for picnics since I was little and played. 

There's Becca working in her Smash Book (we're both a bit behind in our Project 365 Smash Books...we started the year with big intentions!), and there are two of her littles. 

(And aren't we healthy....pizza and organic tea!)

I loved sitting barefoot outside and surrounding myself with all my favorite supplies, a good friend, and fun pups. The breeze was gentle so we were able to stay out there a few hours despite the way the weather's warming (read: becoming bloody hot since this is the desert!). 

I posted on my Instagram feed about how I haven't been taking the time to listen to the trees. As a child, my mother used to put me under them, the swaying leaves a natural mobile, and ever since then, I've felt as though they're whispering out there, so softly, we need to become still in order to hear them. 

Sitting in the park refilled my well, even if I didn't get too much art done. I'm still expanding my boundaries and thoughts on paint on the paper, and see things changing every day, with each thing I apply my brush to. 

I wholeheartedly recommend an art picnic if the oppertunity presents itself. I don't think we take much time for picnics anymore. Or the outdoors. 

Take an afternoon. Reconnect. Listen to the trees. See what happens.