Playing With Spraypaint!

Years ago, before I moved to Phoenix, I used to have tons of spray paint. Nothing fancy, just whatever I could grab at Wal-Mart or Lowes. It was messy and gave me a headache when I played for too long, but I adored the look and had just started collecting stencils. 

But winter meant I couldn't go outside to use it, and spray inks were just coming out, so I slowly switched and abandoned all my cans when I moved cross-country.

Recently, my love has been re-kindled by the messy graffiti outsider art of MitsiB. I grabbed the one can I had in my apartment and played, then grabbed a fluorescent red/orange from a big box store. I played for 10 minutes and my head hurt. 

So I decided to try the Liquitex spray paint, hoping 'Low Odor' meant we won't give you a bloody headache and burn out your nose

After posting to Instagram and FB, I decided it was a perfect time to test the camera on my new iPhone. C'mon....I'm a video-makin' junkie! How could I NOT test it! This little video was so much fun to put together....I wonder if you'd like more little videos like this? Talking about what I'm working on, using, and creating? I think a mini-tripod is in order (sorry for all the movement!), but I'd love to make more like of the thing I love about videos and blogs is seeing someone else's world. I can share that! 

Let me know YOUR experiences in the comments below. Or suggest my next mini-video topic!