Warrior Call - APRIL

Tonight (or last night, depending on when you read this), I learned the new moon of Aries holds a lot of power to manifest change, fuel initives, and help usher you down new paths. 

I created my first vision board tonight, finding the process of looking through random magazines for that I wish to attract into my life amazing -- I didn't create beauty, but I did create a picture of what I want my life to look like. I am beginning to trust in the Universe, open my arms to abundance, and follow my own path, not anyone else's. 

One of the big things is WARRIOR CALL.

It is a monthly e-zine created for those looking to use creative practices to get through life -- while it is written by a woman with health issues using art to process and discover, it is also for those with mental imperfections, overwhelming changes, circumstances out of your control, or who want to just get more out of a creative life

But I wanted to do something different. Starting with the next issue, Warrior Call will be written by the women of the Creative Warriors Circle to help empower, enlighten, and encourage them. They will get paid to raise their voices and help others. A collective project, no, gift, to you.