Walk In Truth -- speed art journal page video

Yesterday, I received a message from a dear reader who's been around for a bit; you may not think it, but I notice the names as I see likes and comments and notes on the blog, consider you friends -- without all you, I'd still be a girl making art for herself, not a woman discovering her deeper self and sharing that with the world. 

Darling Rita has cancer, and is beating out her doctor's estimates. She wrote the longest, sweetest message, about her memory in the future (and I must take more time to process and think and dream), and one of the things she mentioned was that she missed me on YouTube.

I make a LOT of videos you don't see if you're not enrolled in classes. And I do work for clients, now, doing CHA releases and demo videos and e-classes for others, so YouTube has fallen behind, yes. But Rita's message is the same as others -- and yes, my last test was shaky (sorry!) and this one may be a little unstable (I created a new rigging for my camera; I test with YouTube and perfect for classes/clients!), but I hope to do more little things, tips and peeks and maybe one of these longer videos whenever I can.

But! A lot of this spread is stuff I haven't shared. Stuff I have only just figured out -- my colors and style and what goes where and how it goes.....to the point I want to go DEEPER with all this....I'm not just trying to find what works but HOW.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I will try my best to answer them!