What's in my Studio/Couch Box?

I love when I get comments asking about my Couch Box, and what I may be carrying these days. Like many of you, I cycle through supplies I love, always changing as new (and new-to-me) things come into my creative life. Right now, I adore gouache for on-the-go and couch art journaling purposes, and thought I'd share what I carry with me. 

This box goes with me to and from the studio, and can usually be found next to my favorite spot on the couch. I love being able to work while being comfortable, and have even set out these supplies while in bed! It's the perfect little portable studio, and one of the vast improvements carrying this box over my other box is that things don't fall all over the place if the box tips over. 

I got this one at Wal-Mart for $9. It's in the arts&crafts section, but is identical to the tackle box of the same size sold in sporting goods. So you get your choice of colors! :) I filmed this with my iPhone, but turned on YouTube's stabilization...hopefully that makes things easier for those of you who get dizzy from phone videos. I just wanted to make something quick since I'd been asked about my current box, and thought a short vid would be easier than tons of photos and typing!