two blog posts you might have missed...

I didn't notice until the end of last week that my domain renewal hadn't gone through, and so no one could get to my blog! 

I was also having issues with Squarespace; there are two blog posts I did via old drafts that have gotten lost in the past. I'm linking them here so you can go ahead and take a look. 



For those who don't know, I've been off my feet for the past three weeks due to a broken foot. Since I work retail, I haven't been able to work, which means A. I've been bored or painting random things, and B. I've lost at least a month's worth of wages. I do have a savings account, but yesterday, my good foot began showing signs of ALSO having stress fractures. Which makes moving difficult and has me as a melted puddle of tears over here. I have faith that it will all work out, but old anxieties laid to bed have come back to the surface. Life is hard. And worth it. But also sucks at times. 

I've started listing pieces I've been working on in my Etsy shop. I update about once a day and put out links on social media. I'm hoping these pieces will sell! If you have any little commissions you'd like me to work on, such as ink writing for logos or blog banners, illustrated quotes, or smaller paintings, PLEASE contact me. I'm even more stuck at home this week than before, so have time. Heck, if you need advice, brainstorming, or instruction via email, let me know! 

My contact page now reflects my current address as well. 

Okay! Back to my Work of Art marathon & finishing some paintings!