from the page to the purse!

Sorry I haven't been around as much; I've been out and about all week (talk about no rest for the wicked!). I'm actually updating from a friend's place as, yes, I'm out again!

What I really wanted to show you all (and hi to everyone new!) my newest journaled purse! I designed this one myself and did all the sewing by hand (as my sewing machine is still dead). *G* I was inspired by this journal page of mine...I love when stuff randomly leaks from my head to the page and then turns into something bigger. Have you ever had something like that happen to you?

wings journaled purse


Being as that I've been out a LOT this week, I haven't been journaling as much as usual...then again, I DO have a handy travel bag. I also grabbed a new mini-binder from R+H and am using that to plan out the next issue of Page by Page, as it goes to design and layout on Monday. I've also just been making random notes and doodles of things I want to try out in my journal when I finally find myself with a little bit of time to sneak away to my desk.

The biggest thing is, I have to get to that desk! You can have all the time in the world but if you wait for inspiration to strike and send you running to your art area, you're not going to get much done. Remember -- art is made by those who show up! Get to your desk or art area and do SOMETHING! Start cleaning up scraps. Throw random paint on the page. SOMETHING. ANYTHING! I implore you to do so! You'll be amazed with how many pages or pieces you start getting done.

And please! Remember: in order to make good art, you have to be willing to make lots of bad art. Every page you create has value! Whether you learn something new, like that even with a coat of paint, Sharpies will die because of the oil pastels underneath, or find a new border or lettering you like....don't shy away from those pages you don't like because then you'll miss out on what they're trying to tell you.

I shall be working on Kira's Amazing Supply list and have it here for download. And, since I've discovered how to record and share video entries, I might just make a short vlog entry for it.

There are more new journal pages up at flickr!


I hope you all have an amazing weekend and create something!