{points of two: inside plastic}

Points of Two is an experiment in journaling with myself and Roben Marie! Check out our archives to see the previous weeks' pages.


We’re back! A personal matter kept us from updating last week, so we shifted that prompt to today. And what is the prompt, you ask?

Inside plastic.

Roben-Marie and I both used clear vinyl stitched onto journal pages for this one, but in very different ways. While she used it to contain fortunes from fortune cookies, I used it to cover my entire background.

Originally, I only sewed it long the side with the fabric, intent on allowing the plastic layer to be peeled away to reveal the original, but once I started working on it with Copics and saw the amazing effects I could get working on the vinyl with the alcohol-based markers, I decided to sew the plastic down permanently to make it part of the final piece.

I just love experimenting and finding out something new! If you use the colorless blender on the vinyl, it works as an eraser, or if you just put down the tip, it works like alcohol and clears a tiny space.

The messages in this piece are hidden under and above layers and are still very personal - I don’t think I’m ready to reveal what I’m thinking, which is what the page is about, anyway! - but maybe working with the ideas/feelings some more will help me build up the strength to “come out,” as it were.

On this page, I used acrylics, vinyl, Copic markers, fabric, and stitches:

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