{cleaning and weeding in the land of art}

Would anyone be interested in random art supplies? Something's happened that's moved up our time-table for moving, and I'm spending the day cleaning out the studio, trimming it all down to things I can fit on one desk. There's all sorts of things -- containers, pastels, flow retarder, diamond glaze, punches, stamps, ink -- that are going in the 'not keeping but nice enough to sell to someone else.' I was thinking of just putting it all out at a garage sale, but I realize there are people in this community that would probably benefit more from this stuff.

I'm also going through my art books and selling a bunch of those. I know I have Claudine Hellmuth's two books, and The Art of Personal Imagery, and What it Is, and a few others -- anyone looking for a certain art book and want to get it for about $8?

The big paintings are going on Ebay later today to help pay for moving expenses. I've got stacks of canvases I just can't pack -- so if you're interested in any in my etsy shop, go ahead and mention this blog post and I'll give you 30% off. I Just need to get things out of the house and rather do it this way than just throwing it all away or giving it to people who won't appreciate it.

Since all the vids are done, the studio's being broken down. The class starts on TUESDAY. I'm soo excited!!! And I'll be working between packing on a new 'zine of my journal pages and essays. That'll probably be the last big project from me until I'm settled somewhere else. ;) I'm scared but excited!