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[ may 25th, 2010 -- playing in the journal ]


drops like heat across the summer

Look! An actual blog post! There must be pigs flying up above, because these have been few and far between for the last two weeks!

Or, I may be excited because, except for a few tweaks here and there (there is a vast difference between how something looks on-screen and when printed), the class PDF file is finished! YAY! I love creating things that I can hold, whether it be ‘zines or simple workbooks. Binding them is the next best thing, which is why I probably am in love with making my own journals.

As I said in today’s vlog, I haven’t journaled in about two weeks. What a difference working in it makes! My brain feels like it’s been on overdrive, always thinking, creating, plotting, dreaming. And with no outlet, everything just built up until I couldn’t even sleep. Sitting down to work in my journal, however, let me BE. Just leak out and get to the bottom and scoop inspiration and resolve from my Inner Well, allowed me to dig back to the water hidden by the dirt of everyday matters.

I really need to take notes on all the ideas I have, even if that means I am pulling out a notebook every ten minutes in every situation. I will be that girl! My thin Moleskine has a pretty spray-painted cover, now, and I miss writing out journal entries and recording these thoughts.

Have you ever finished something on your to-do list only to discover three more items have jumped on it? Cause this is how I’m feeling. I even have different to-do lists: personal, professional, fangirl (yup, this gets a list, too!). And last week’s great fun with a new medication that I reacted….the wrong way with? In opposition with? Anyway, I lost all motivation and just could not get up. *sigh*

rain is coming tonight....

Now, to finish everything this week! And get supplies for a new project! And start packing the studio up for my big move in two months (yes, this last one makes me sad, but I’m also really excited to move!)!

Thank God all the shows are pretty much ending this week — that means I have about two weeks of free nights to work work play (or is it play play work?)  before my lovely summer shows start up again. Maybe I should just record everything and hook up my new music…

a speck of blood played by ink