{Points of Two Week #20: hearts!}

Points of Two is an experiment in journaling with myself and Roben Marie! Check out our archives to see the previous weeks' pages.

This week, hearts was the word! I decided to go digital since I had the perfect background already on my computer, a scrapbooking paper I made for Valentine's Day.

I didn't know how I'd feel about working in a digital manner -- I used to do a lot of graphics, and am kinda rusty. I also lost most of my Photoshop brushes when my hard drive crashed. So....could I create a page digitally that didn't look horrible?

I think I did a pretty good job for being rusty! I certainly need to play around more, let myself be and just ENJOY.

Make sure to check out Roben-Marie's blog for the story behind her page!


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Re: yesterday's post. I'll be putting up pictures tomorrow, when I've had time to sort through more stuff! Thank you for all the comments -- you have no idea how helpful this will be!