{the small art pen-pal swap!}


Who doesn’t like getting mail? The Small Art Pen-Pal Swap aims to give you a little more when trading lovely artwork — an introduction to a new friend.

By pairing small works of art with letters from the heart, this swap gives you that giddy feeling we remember from summers past, of those letters arriving without announcement from someplace far away. In this internet age, it’s so thrilling to get something written on paper, the essence of the person in each stroke of the pen. Forget the instant ping of an incoming email — letters written by hand have more to offer!

This swap has two parts:

Create a piece of art.

 It can be any of the following:

Journal Page

Pretty much anything 6”x6” and under and flat.

(No canvases or boxes, unless you’re okay with paying extra postage.)

Write a letter.

Be encouraging. Write about life lessons you’ve learned, tips and tricks dealing with art and life, send a favorite recipe. Your letter doesn’t have to be about art, but it should be uplifting and loving.

As part of the sign-up process, you’ll give in your blog/Flickr address, as well as the answers to some questions designed to help you figure out what type of art they’d like, as well as guide you in writing your letter. I will try my best to pair people up with those they don’t know, either at all or very well so that you’re making a new friend.

How it works:

Fill out the following form. All the information comes to me directly and will be shared only with your new pal. I won’t use the info for anything other than this swap, and will delete it when we’ve concluded things.

Sign-ups close August 30th!

After sign-ups are closed, you will receive an email with the name and information of your partner. Don’t contact them or let them know you are their special Mail Faerie! This is more fun if the letter & art come as a complete surprise!

You will have until September 20th to complete and mail off your letter. Please contact me when your package has gone out so I can keep track of things.

PLEASE only sign up if you can finish this project by the deadline. We don’t want anyone to go without a mail present! If you need an extension for an unforeseen reason, please email ME so I can communicate with your partner without giving away the surprise.

Take photos of you with your beautiful letter! On September 27th, I’ll post all the wonderful images for all to see!

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!

Sign Ups are now closed!

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