{studio vlog tuesday: secret tag-y things! (now with more sewing machines!)}


I realized this week that I've been doing these vlogs for over 7 months, now, which is pretty awesome. There's a wealth of information over on the channel page (or if you click the vlog tuesday tag to this post), stuff I haven't edited down for YouTube. There's always something new, and as I dive into this new creative river, I just can't wait to show you all, each week, just what I've been up to.

[ Studio Vlog Tuesday, 8/17/10: secrets can be fun! ]

This week, I show you how to make the page below, and even pulled out my sewing machine. Yes, there were technical difficulties, but I think the stuff I've been able to figure out (most notably the chat now displaying on the recording, for all those who can't make it live) really made it all worth it.



PS -- if you're one of those who said I! for a journal, please leave me a comment! I'm ready to go snuggle in bed with a good book and a good puppy, so details will be up tomorrow, but I'd just like to get a final number. Also, if you watch the recording and want one, comment here too! Shall order supplies tomorrow!

PPS -- Dawn, I totally know you're getting one. And to hand off a journal in person during our wild Chicago Art Fun Time (with Ky) is going to be EPIC.