{kira's (revised) art journal supply list; free doodle PS brushes!}

clean & organized

When I re-organized my supplies for easier access and posted this picture, I never thought it would get more than maybe a few comments -- and most about the artwork on the table, honestly (the piece of the right is now finished and hanging in my studio!). But then I saw this comment:

And it got me to thinking: the last time I posted a supply list was way back in 2007. Look at my hair! I still have the same glasses, though (and am trying to save up for a new pair, since these are now out of date. won't you help a girl out?). And the same desk. As I watched this younger me talk about her favorite supplies, I thought, "Why not do an updated list?"

I haven't changed too much, at least I don't think so. But there ARE some additions, as well as more information on some of the stuff I've now been using for years.


(BTW, I don't know where that annoying sound in the background came from...maybe I should have used my mic! This was done quick and easy this morning!)

Download the PDF that goes into more detail and includes some basic stuff I didn't have time for!

I've also made a free gift just for YOU. I created a set of brushes to use for Hodgepodge #2's layout, and thought, "Why not share 'em?" I do want to get into making more things like this, so what better way to start than to just make it real!

Yep! For Photoshop! You use these just like stamps, but digitally! When you open your brushes palette, there's a little > at the top right -- click it, and then go to Load Brushes. Select this file and you're all set!

Download the set here on my DeviantArt page!

See you all at 8 est/ 7 cst for tonight's vlog!