The Red Storybook Weeks #4 & 5

The first few weeks of The Red Storybook were amazing, and then week 4 hit and I drew, but I didn't do it well, and never colored anything. Okay, I didn't color half of week 3, either, but hey! I had weekends! I could catch up easily, right?


It's so hard to catch up when you also have that day's entry to do, and I've spent the past two weeks trying to catch up and stay on top of current entries. It was tough. But I have gotten to a point where I'm comfortable moving on. Oh, sure, I could spend forever and a day improving previous entries and getting into the details, but that isn't the point. I need to let go and move forward. 

I've already seen an improvement with how I work with the gouache, have added in colored pencils, and it's getting a bit easier to figure out what my illustration style really is. It's also awesome to be able to look back and see my weeks stack up -- I'm into the 40's, now, and can't believe I've cleared nearly half of February! 

I've also been working on a Massive Gouache Q&A post, as well as a How I Do This & With What post, and now that I'm caught up and posting all these spreads, will be back to regular blogging. 

(I'm always blogging on my Tumblr, which now has more art than Sherlock GIFs, and a few posts I haven't shared anywhere else even Instagram.) 


I'm goofy in love with some work I've done recently, including art journal messes made today, so this week's blogging will be more than just my silly drawings and words...(how else do we improve, though, but through doing and doing often?) 

Also, Friendly Faces is all up for self-study with some pretty satisfied students!